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Environment Security and Isolation

Connect mode

In connect mode, Raftt does not handle the orchestration, so the underlying infrastructure handles isolation between different environments.

Orchestration mode

In our paid offerings, each customer deployment is fully isolated from others at the network, cluster, and instance levels. We have had internal security reviews and an external pentest verify that deployments are entirely separate. Each deployment is fully customizable, and may have unique instance types, resources, and network setup. We also have achieved SOC2 type 2 certification.

In the hosted offering for open source projects, which is the default unless a different host is configured, only open source repositories may be cloned, and due to extensive caching and performance optimizations certain objects (container images for example) may be shared between users. Each environment is isolated at the network level, and certain resource utilization limits are in place.

If you'd like to further evaluate Raftt for your company's usage and the open source offering does not fit, please contact us.